6 Golf Clothing & Gear Tips for Unpredictable Weather

Every year it’s the same thing: winter far overstays its welcome, reaching its long, cold tendrils well into April. We can all agree spring is "supposed" to be for golf, and for good golfing conditions; plus, it’s nice to have warm weather! Well, sunnier days are headed our way. But for now, we have to prepare ourselves to dress for the weather on any given day this spring.

Mother Nature may be.

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Prepping the Course for Summer

A Blog Post By: Craig McKinley


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Winter Review & Spring Updates

Blog Post By: Craig McKinley, Course Superintendent

Although the recent temps don't show it, spring has arrived here at Bucks Run! While this winter was mild, it was not without its worries. Around the first of the year, we had a freezing-rain event on top of our snow cover. This created a sheet of ice 2-3 inches.

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Spring Lawn Tip

Along with course updates, I like to provide periodic lawn tips to our readers. Hopefully your lawn is showing some signs of life by now. It’s getting close to treating your lawn preventatively for Crabgrass. Usually, you can find a nice, granular product with fertilizer and pre-emerge Crabgrass control. Probably starting this weekend, through the first week of May, would be a good time to apply.

If you would like to use science and not just a.

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The Slow Melt

The snow continues to disappear on the course. The recent warm weather prompted a nice, slow melt, and as of today, we are about 85% snow free. The slow melt helps reduce water on the course and it also reduces the chance of the river flooding. Overall, the grass that we have been able to see looks very healthy. We have some snow mold activity in the fairways, which should grow out pretty quickly. The greens and tees look great and we are very happy with how they came.

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The Winter Thaw

The first late winter thaw is upon us. We will be flirting with temperatures near 50 until next Tuesday the 16th. With no significant rain being forecast in that time frame, it should be a nice gradual thaw. A gradual thaw will help with reduced flooding and decrease the probability of an ice flow dam on the river.  Also in this time frame, we should lose most of the snow that is on the ground. All good news so far. 

On the.

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Monitoring the Chippewa River

The Chippewa River winds through the course, providing some dramatic and enjoyable views. We monitor the height and ice coverage throughout the winter to prepare for what may lie ahead in the spring. With a fall and early winter that saw high amounts of precipitation, the river was much higher than usual going into January. The week of January 12th, the river was at or near bank-full along #17. 

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Positive Outlook

Editor's Note; Due to a technical error the pictures mentioned in this post were lost. Our apologies.

I'm the type of person that tries to find the positive side to most things. This past winter and early spring have not had many positives. It seems like a lifetime ago that we were out on the course golfing. With anything though, there has been some positive outcomes. With the slow thaw that we are currently experiencing the river ice melted away and did not pose any threat to the.

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Course Update 3/19/2014

Winter continues to have a pretty good grip on Michigan. Although we are starting to see warmer temperatures we are still well below normal. We are beginning to slowly see the snow pack melt, we currently have around 90% snow cover. The patches of grass that have been exposed look like they have wintered very well and hopefully that trend continues as the rest of the snow melts away. The slow melt has been nice because it has reduced flooding potential and reduced the possibility of an ice.

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