Lawn Care Tips for Grass that’s as nice as a Golf Course

Do you get serious turf envy when you go golfing? You’re not alone. Many golfers wish they had the same high-caliber greenery at their own homes, with lush blades, soft cushioning, and vibrant coloring. Well, it’s possible. Check out these tips we've gathered from turf grass specialists,, agricultural universities and landscaping companies.
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Tips for Fertilizing your Lawn

Blog Post By: Craig McKinley, Grounds Department

In today’s blog, I would like to tackle some home lawn fertilization issues that we are commonly asked about. With the weather becoming nicer, homeowners have started tending to their lawns in order to keep it just a little bit nicer than the neighbors. Therefore, I want to give you a couple tips to help you reach this.

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Spring Lawn Tip

Along with course updates, I like to provide periodic lawn tips to our readers. Hopefully your lawn is showing some signs of life by now. It’s getting close to treating your lawn preventatively for Crabgrass. Usually, you can find a nice, granular product with fertilizer and pre-emerge Crabgrass control. Probably starting this weekend, through the first week of May, would be a good time to apply.

If you would like to use science and not just a.

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