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We are implementing a new maintenance program for the collars of the greens. We started hand mowing our collars this spring; we are also lowering the height of cut. We hope to accomplish a couple of things with the new process, improved plant health and playability. First we believe that we will have a healthier collar and green perimeter by reducing the amount of mower traffic. In the past we mowed.

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We Are Open!

We couldn't have asked for a better spring thaw. No flooding and no ice from the river. Double bonus. The greens and tees came out very healthy, the fairways have some spots of snow mold and vole damage but should grow out very quickly. We have been busy with course clean up and have almost everything "between the ropes" cleaned up which are primary rough, greens, tees and fairways.

We will continue with course clean up over the next couple of weeks. We will also be doing some.

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Positive Outlook

Editor's Note; Due to a technical error the pictures mentioned in this post were lost. Our apologies.

I'm the type of person that tries to find the positive side to most things. This past winter and early spring have not had many positives. It seems like a lifetime ago that we were out on the course golfing. With anything though, there has been some positive outcomes. With the slow thaw that we are currently experiencing the river ice melted away and did not pose any threat to the.

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Course Update 3/19/2014

Winter continues to have a pretty good grip on Michigan. Although we are starting to see warmer temperatures we are still well below normal. We are beginning to slowly see the snow pack melt, we currently have around 90% snow cover. The patches of grass that have been exposed look like they have wintered very well and hopefully that trend continues as the rest of the snow melts away. The slow melt has been nice because it has reduced flooding potential and reduced the possibility of an ice.

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