Putting the Golf Course to Bed for the Winter - Part I
A Blog Post By: Craig McKinley, Course Superintendent

Before winter comes along, there is a laundry-list of tasks that need to be accomplished by our staff in order to ensure a healthy golf course for the next season. In today's post, I will be explaining how and why we carry-out these practices. 


The most hated cultural practice by golfers, also happens to be the most important for keeping our putting greens healthy. Aerifying greens allows us to create air and water channels into the green's soil profile, which are then filled with topdressing sand. These channels of sand will allow for better penetration of water and oxygen into the root zone throughout the fall and into next season. Aerifying greens also allows us to relieve the compaction that has occurred with all of the foot and mechanical traffic during the summer.

As you may have noticed, all of our fescue areas have been cut down during the past month. This process is to help thin out our stands of fescue, as well as help mechanically control some of the weed population. Next spring, while the fescue starts to grow, but before producing seed heads, they will be sprayed with herbicide to control weeds for the coming season.

Check back next Tuesday, for a discussion on more fall clean-up around the course. Have a great day and enjoy this great weather!

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