Course Projects - Update

A Blog Post By: Craig McKinley, Course Superintendent

This past month has seen some great weather for golf, and it has been our pleasure to provide great playing conditions for our patrons. With good weather also comes great days to tackle projects around the golf course. Our staff has started tackling projects that will greatly improve the aesthetics of the property. These projects included sodding and seeding cart path edges near tees and greens, as well as re-seeding some thin areas around the property.

This spot by our 7th green was recently sodded.

Bucks Run Golf Club Mount Pleasant MI 7 Sod

This picture is behind the newly renovated 7and11 tees, which was re-seeded by our staff. 

Bucks Run Golf Club Mount Pleasant MI 7 11

While these are only a couple examples of the aesthetic improvements made by our staff, you will see many areas roped and/or blocked off with bumpers. We will continue to improve the property in this way throughout the year, but we will need your help to do so. Wherever you see areas that are blocked off, please keep traffic out of them. The juvenile turf cannot handle the traffic and will not survive. When the turf is strong enough to handle traffic, obstacles will be removed; however, without proper cart etiquette, these areas will decline and eventually turn into thin and bare stands. We ask that when parking carts at teeing areas and around greens, you keep all of the cart tires on the path. While many think “what can the one cart I drive really hurt”? If a golf course does 20,000 rounds annually and one quarter of those carts pull a few feet off the path by a tee, that is 5,000 times that turf gets tire traffic. These pictures show what happens when all that tire traffic adds up:

Bucks Run Golf Club Mount Pleasant MI Heavy Traffic

Bucks Run Golf Club Mount Pleasant MI Tee Heavy Traffic 6

With your help and cooperation, we can continue to improve the property together. Please remember to fix your ball marks, and myself and our staff hope to see you on the course soon.  

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