Spring Lawn Tip

Along with course updates, I like to provide periodic lawn tips to our readers. Hopefully your lawn is showing some signs of life by now. It’s getting close to treating your lawn preventatively for Crabgrass. Usually, you can find a nice, granular product with fertilizer and pre-emerge Crabgrass control. Probably starting this weekend, through the first week of May, would be a good time to apply.

If you would like to use science and not just a random guess for application, go to www.gddtracker.net, enter your zip code, and then click on Crabgrass Pre. A map will open and let you know if you should be applying your product of choice. The website also lets you know when to spray for broadleaf weeds and what products to use. The website is managed by the Michigan State University Turf Team, the best turf team in the world I might add, and generously supported by The Michigan Turfgrass Foundation and Project GREEEN.   

gddtracker website

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