Winter Deep Freeze

The deep freeze that normally accompanies winter has set in recently. The actual temperature arriving at the course last Friday was -27 degrees Fahrenheit, and yesterday (Monday) was -19. Luckily, we have a nice blanket of snow insulating the fragile grass plant. If exposed to that type of temperature for extended periods, the grass could be set back in spring green-up or worst case, death. At this time, I don’t have worries for either event occurring. In most places we have at least a foot of snow cover that provides good insulation.

Bucks Run Golf Club Mount Pleasant MI Winter Snow

Other things we do in fall to prepare for winter; put the course to “bed” in good health and apply a thick layer of sand to the greens to provide insulation in times when there is no snow cover. Both practices help us come out of spring as healthy as possible. 

Bucks Run Golf Club Mount Pleasant MI Sand

In the end though, we are ultimately at the will of Mother Nature, but some preventative care goes a long way in ensuring good health in the spring. Hopefully soon we can talk about spring golf! Have a great day.  

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