Guest Blogger - Off Season Golf Preparations, Part III

Welcome back for a final post from Guest Blogger, Jon Conklin. Today, he discusses the importance of practicing and playing during the off-season.

Bucks Run Golf Club owns and operates our own golf simulator, which is housed in a separate facility off-site from the golf course, in Mt. Pleasant, MI. The simulator at Bucks Run Virtual Golf gives golfers the ability to work on their game as they see fit. This can range from playing 9 or 18 holes on one of our 15 worldwide golf courses, to simply reserving time on the simulator's driving range. On the driving range, you have the ability to set a target at any distance desired, along with the size of the target, so you can assess your game. For example, I would set the target at 75 yards to 15 feet wide, or a driver at the average width of a fairway to give me an accurate account of my shot(s).  

Regardless of what you do, simply getting out and hitting a few balls this off-season will help you tremendously -- making you a clear step-ahead of your other golfing buddies!

Bucks Run Virtual Golf Mount Pleasant MI Driving Range

If you would like more information on our golf simulator, please click here.

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