Tree Work & Safety

As the winter rolls along, tree work on the course continues. We were fortunate to have minimal snow in December, which allowed us to move about the course easily and clean up after each tree was cut down. This winter’s focus is once again the removal of dead or dying Ash trees and removal of trees surrounding some greens, to allow more light to the putting surface.

The Ash trees, for the most part, will be extinct on the course in the coming years due to the Emerald Ash Borer; an invasive pest that has accounted for the destruction of millions of Ash trees throughout the country. We have about 60 Ash trees that need to be removed this winter. Over the past several years we have probably removed over 400 Ash trees.

Also, we are removing some trees around #2, #5 and #10 greens to promote better playing conditions on the green surfaces. The attached pictures show some of the work that was done around #5 green. We hired an outside contractor to drop and prune some trees around the green. When we feel that a tree could be dangerous to cut down, we will contract the removal of that tree in the interest of the safety of our employees. You can also see that the large Oak to the left of #5 green had much decay and posed a risk to our golfers, as well.

Bucks Run Golf Club Mt. Pleasant MI Tree Removal

Bucks Run Golf Club Mt. Pleasant MI Tree Removal 2

Bucks Run Golf Club Mt. Pleasant MI Oak Decay

Safety is always at the forefront when working with trees. Safety gear that is always required when working with chainsaws and trees are safety glasses, ear protection, gloves, chainsaw chaps, work boots and a hard hat with face shield. Above all else, safety is our first priority with everything that we do on the course.

Tree work will continue on the course through the remaining part of winter. Thanks for reading and have a great day. 

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