Introducing Bill - Winter Maintenance

Welcome back everyone! Today, I would like to take a few moments to introduce to you our Equipment Manager, Bill. He is one of our busiest people on staff in the winter, as he plays a vital role in the maintenance of all the equipment we use around the course. His duty is to inspect every piece of equipment before the arrival of spring, make any needed repairs, and also perform routine maintenance where necessary.  Generally, this will include sharpening blades and reels, changing fluids, replacing worn tires, and more. He has also been known to pull a diesel engine from a mower in order to replace the seals! As of this week, he has inspected 75 golf cars, 3 fairway mowers, 5 triplexes, 1 bank mower, and 1 out-front rotary mower.

Overall, Bill is a very valuable asset to the Grounds Department crew at Bucks Run and we couldn't keep the equipment or the golf course in the great shape it's in, without his skills and expertise. Thanks Bill for your excellent work!

Bucks Run Golf Club Equipment Manager Bill

Bucks Run Golf Club Equipment Manager

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