2014 Tee Renovations - Part II

Hello everyone -- I hope the New Year is treating you well, so far! As mentioned in last week's blog post, we embarked upon some pretty aggressive tee renovations in November 2014. As a recap, the goal was to leave our core tee distances unchanged but to lengthen the championship tees on the back 9 to compare with the front 9.  In Part II of my Blog Post regarding tee renovations, I review the renovations made to the 15, 16, and 17 tees.

15 Tee

We added a new championship tee to the Par 5, #15.  Previously, the big hitters could still hit this green in 2, but now this will not be an option because of the extra 25 yards added.  With the green being wide and not as deep, the longer club into the green with green side bunkers should make this a good challenge for any golfer! Sod was used on this tee box, as well, and should be ready in mid-May.

Bucks Run Golf Club New Construction on 15

Bucks Run Golf Club New 15 Tee Box

16 Tee

When we first opened our doors in 2000, this hole was a Par 5 that was not very challenging, but was fun because most golfers could go for it in 2.  Since that time, this hole has now become a Par 4 that has unique characteristics to it.  Because the hole was changed by tee boxes and not the green complex for distance purposes, we utilized the former white tee box when it was a Par 5 and will be using it as our championship tee box adding 75 yards to this hole. 

17 Tee

The Par 3, #17 required the most work. With it being our shortest Par 3, with a relatively small tee, it took quite a bit of abuse. We stripped and leveled the white tee and lowered the back tee to the same elevation as the white tee. This leveled the teeing area and increased the size of the teeing ground. We sodded the tee and our hope is that it's ready for play in mid-May.

Bucks Run Golf Club 17 Sod Install

Bucks Run Golf Club New 17 Tee Box

Overall, we are excited to showcase our new look in 2015 and we feel our guests will enjoy the new changes to the course. Have a great week!

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