2014 Tee Renovations - Part I

In November, we embarked upon a pretty aggressive tee renovation, which impacted 5 holes to some degree.  The goal was to leave our core tee distances unchanged, but to lengthen the Championship Tees on the Back 9 to better compare with the Front 9.  Currently, our Back 9 is 193 yards shorter, but after these renovations, it will be only 40 yards shorter than the Front 9.

#11 Tee

The new Championship Tee is quite impressive, as we used 90 tons of boulders to construct a very dramatic rock wall.  The new tee will partially adjoin #7’s Championship Tee -- creating a new and exciting look to #11.  From the previous tee box, a golfer had the choice to hit anywhere from a 4 iron to a driver, depending on the optimal approach shot desired.  Now with the extra distance and the dogleg from left to right, a 3 wood or driver will be the only choice so you can clear the tree line for an open approach shot.  This will bring more play in from the left side of the fairway for those that cannot cut the corner, and will make the approach shot much longer.  You’re not necessarily thinking this is a BIRDIE hole anymore!

Bucks Run Golf Club New 11 Tee Box

Bucks Run Golf Club New 11 Tee Box Rock Wall

#14 Tee

On the Front 9, it is argued that the par 3’s are the toughest part of that side.  With the Back 9 par 3’s seeming quite a bit easier in regards to distance and layout.  That is no longer the feeling after we added 20 yards to the Championship Tee Box.  It’s still not as quite as long as #4, but the tee shot from the new tee will be intimidating, with the tee box being so much higher than the peninsula green. Unfortunately, we were not able to sod this tee due to weather and lack of sod, but we will make a decision in the spring to either seed or sod this tee box.

Bucks Run Golf Club New 14 Tee Box

Bucks Run Golf Club View from New 14 Tee Box

Be sure to check back next Tuesday, as I review 3 more of our fall tee renovations. Wishing you a happy and safe New Year's!

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