2014 Season in Review - Part II

In Part II of my 2014 Season Review, I highlight more of the program changes made to our Grounds Department, which had a positive impact on the course during the 2014 Season.


Topdressing greens with sand is vital to the health and playability of the putting surface. In seasons past, we would topdress every three weeks. This worked very well, but we were not happy with the reduced speed of the greens the 2-3 days following a topdressing event. This season, we went with light weekly topdressing and we are very pleased with the results. This allowed us to apply a light coat of sand that was barely noticeable, and the greens were great right after and the following days. By implementing this practice, we were also able to apply more sand in a season than we ever have before, and that is an awesome benefit. The greens had better playability and health with this practice.

Bucks Run Golf Club Top Dressing


We purchased a reel and bedknife grinder last winter and we couldn’t be happier with the results. These machines sharpen the cutting units of our green, tee, and fairway units. We were able to achieve a sharp and clean cut throughout the season, which reduced stress on the plant and improved playability. In years prior, we would send out our reels in the winter to be sharpened and touch them up in-season by back lapping. Back lapping uses a compound to touch up the reels, but they are never as sharp as when they come off the grinder. This season we were able to grind in-season and that improved the health and playability of the grass. This is another practice that we will do in the coming seasons.

Bucks Run Golf Club Reel Grinder Bucks Run Golf Club Bedknife Grinder

 As you can see, the Grounds Department is working hard to improve conditions every year. Thanks and have a great day.  

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