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We are implementing a new maintenance program for the collars of the greens. We started hand mowing our collars this spring; we are also lowering the height of cut. We hope to accomplish a couple of things with the new process, improved plant health and playability. First we believe that we will have a healthier collar and green perimeter by reducing the amount of mower traffic. In the past we mowed collars with a tri-plex (riding mower). The inside wheel would ride on the green creating a tri-plex ring, through the season this area gradually thins out. Although we still mow our greens with a tri-plex, by hand mowing collars it will help lessen the effects of a tri-plex ring. A tri-plex is pictured below.

We also feel by lowering the height of cut on the collar it will be more aesthetically pleasing. We have some unwanted grass types in our collars and we are hoping that a lower height will encourage the desired species (bentgrass) to thrive, thus giving a more uniform appearance.

Lastly we believe that the lower height will increase playability around the greens. Going forward your ball should not get caught up as much and it should roll smoother through the collar.

We are using a mower that has been used on the putting island for many years, here it is pictured below.

We hope you enjoy this new added touch to the course. Have a great day.    


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