Positive Outlook

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I'm the type of person that tries to find the positive side to most things. This past winter and early spring have not had many positives. It seems like a lifetime ago that we were out on the course golfing. With anything though, there has been some positive outcomes. With the slow thaw that we are currently experiencing the river ice melted away and did not pose any threat to the course. Also the river level is pretty low for this time of year so flooding is not an immediate concern. As more turf becomes uncovered through the thaw we are seeing more positive signs. The greens so far look very healthy.


Above is the north putting green. It is very healthy, a few open holes from last year but they will grow in quickly. You are also seeing sand that we applied late fall to help protect the greens over winter.


Above is a picture of #10 fairway about 150 yards out from the green. This patch is Grey Snow Mold. This area for whatever reason is prone to the disease. The positive is although it looks bad now it will grow out and be back to normal very quickly with warmer temperatures. If you look close below the glove is an area that I scuffed up a bit, plenty of healthy grass that is ready to take off.


Above is Vole damage (Field Mice). This is pretty widespread this year because of the prolonged snow cover. They feed on the grass under the snow cover, out of view from predators. This is another issue that is easily remedied with some hand raking. Once you rake up the excess grass the area grows back pretty quickly.

Most holes are still completely covered in snow. But the positive is that we live in Michigan and the weather can change quickly and once it does it won't be long before we are out on the course.  If we come through the winter with just some Grey Snow mold on fairways and Vole damage we will be smiling. What things can you look at today and put a positive outlook on?Have a great day!

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