Course Update 3/19/2014

Winter continues to have a pretty good grip on Michigan. Although we are starting to see warmer temperatures we are still well below normal. We are beginning to slowly see the snow pack melt, we currently have around 90% snow cover. The patches of grass that have been exposed look like they have wintered very well and hopefully that trend continues as the rest of the snow melts away. The slow melt has been nice because it has reduced flooding potential and reduced the possibility of an ice jam on the river. We are not out of the woods yet, but we need to see the positive side of this harsh winter season.

BUcks Run Golf Club Mount Pleasant MI Hole #12 Late Winter

Above is hole #12 looking back to the tee. Some melt and the grass is healthy but still a bunch of snow that needs to melt.

We started course clean up last week. Even with snow cover we were able to rake and remove a lot of debris. Clean up will get easier as the snow melts and will continue for the foreseeable future.


Have a great day and we hope you enjoy the new location of the maintenance blog.

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