Public Speaking Tips For Your Next Meeting

To many people, facing a crowd is one of their worst fears. But whether you have a crippling fear of public speaking or you don’t mind it and simply want to brush up on your communication skills, we can all benefit from some tips. Here's some ideas for handling any speech with ease at your next meeting.

Practice and Prepare

One of the most common causes of failure in public speaking is lack of preparation. Maybe your assistant created the slides you’re going to be talking about, or maybe you prepared the report but just skimmed through it once. You’ll need to do more than that if you want to have a great outcome. From practice comes confidence.

Practice reading your presentation in front of the mirror, making sure you’re looking up enough and scanning the room. Then, practice in front of other people – your spouse, your kids, your colleagues, etc. and ask for honest feedback. You may want to record yourself so you can play it back later and critique yourself.

Be Conversational

The first 30 seconds of your presentation are critical. They will set the stage for what you’re all about, what you have to say, and whether you can be trusted. People will form opinions about you, so maximize this time to your advantage. Don’t be stuffy or formal. Open up, be conversational, and engage your audience. If that means being funny, be funny. If it means opening with an exceptional yet serious story, so be it.

Be Engaging

Make your intro quickly and get into the crux of why you’re up there. Use inflection in your voice and use natural, friendly body language. Don’t stand stonily behind the podium; instead, walk casually in front of your audience back and forth, stopping for emphasis every once in a while. Make eye contact with people in front of you.

Go Off Script

You may have memorized your speech down to the last period. That’s great. It will serve as an outline of what you’ll talk about. However, if you memorize your speech word for word, your audience will notice and you’ll come off as stuffy and unyielding. Speak off the cuff and improvise where needed. This will put your audience at ease and allow them to see the real you.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Having all the supplies and audio/visual equipment you need for your presentation is critical. So is knowing the layout of the room. That’s where Bucks Run comes in.


How Bucks Run Meeting Spaces Can Help

If you’re planning a conference, business meeting, retreat or corporate event, consider renting our banquet rooms that can be set up according to your event, size and capacity. We offer the following room options in our large banquet room:
  • Theater Style: 600 people
  • Rounds: 300
  • Classroom: 250
  • Conference: 80+
  • U-Shape: 80+

  • Rest assured, we also offer audio/visual equipment in each of our event rooms to ensure your meeting, retreat or conference goes off without a hitch. 

    To learn more about how we can help you maintain a professional image with any of your business meeting needs, contact us at 989-773-6830. Remember, the key to a great speech is to be prepared!
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