The Perks of Fall Golf

From the vibrant colors of the trees, to cheaper rates, to fewer people, playing golf in the fall definitely has its perks. Check out these great reasons to book your tee time this October.

Bucks Run Golf Club Fall Rates

The Weather

Summer is great for golf, no doubt, but it sure is nice not to have your clothes sticking to your back as you sweat through a round. Fall brings cooler temperatures that are pleasant and enjoyable – not too warm and not too cold. You could easily take in a round of golf in the middle of the day without breaking a sweat – something you may not have considered in the dog days of summer.

More Affordable Rates

You can score a better deal on fall golf rates, especially as the calendar turns towards October. For instance, after October 8th, 18 holes with cart is just $50 and 9 holes with cart is just $30. This is compared with peak summer rates of $55 and $99, respectively. 

Warm Post-Round Drinks

After a round of golf in the summer, you likely hit our Quarry Grill Restaurant to order an ice cold beer or soda. While these are great choices despite the season, it’s comforting to enjoy something different in fall – perhaps a warm Irish coffee or a hot chocolate.

Less-Crowded Courses

Pace of play is far better in the fall due to the simple lack of numbers. Once September hits, many people ditch the beaches and golf courses as they gear up for fall activities and impending cold weather. The mindset is just not on golf in fall as it is in spring and summer. Take advantage of this and enjoy smaller crowds, so you can take your time and not feel pressured. This is also a great opportunity to hone your skills for the upcoming season.

The Surroundings

Nature’s bounty and beauty is yours for the taking when you enjoy a round of golf during autumn. No other time of the year brings such vibrant colors and landscapes that make for a truly beautiful game.

Contact Bucks Run

Enjoy cheaper rates when you book a tee time with us this fall. You only have a month or so left, so don’t waste it! Tee times can be made by calling (989) 773-6830.

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