A Summer Update from the Grounds Crew & Tips for your Lawn

Blog Post By: Troy Looney, Superintendent

Here we are, nearing the middle of August and we wonder, where has the time gone?  It seems not long ago, we were enduring another April snowstorm, wishing for warm weather, cold drinks, and fun days on the golf course.  Thankfully though, the remaining season still has over one month of enjoyable summer weather to take advantage of out on the course.

For the Grounds Crew at Bucks Run Golf Club, the middle of August signals the beginning of optimum growing conditions for the golf course.  The days are steadily getting shorter, average temperatures are dropping, and we are starting to see rain again. The end to the "summer stress" on the turf is in sight. 

What does this mean for the golf course (and possibly your home lawn)?

First of all, it is a fantastic time to plant grass seed.  Warm soil temperatures and the promise of less stress, such as disease, weeds, and drought, allow the plants to germinate fast and grow rapidly. The Grounds Crew is currently seeding areas throughout the golf course, which have experienced the wear and tear of summertime use.

High quality seed can be identified with the “seed tag” that is on every bag.  Look for germination over 80% and zero weed seeds.

Second, the end of August is a great time to fertilize.  With the return of adequate soil moisture and comfortable temperatures, turfgrass naturally wants to flourish. Fertilization will provide the nutrients needed to thrive during the late summer and early fall months.  It is also necessary to begin preparing the turf for dormancy and the oncoming winter. Fertilizing late, after fall begins, can cause turf to enter winter with lush growth which makes it susceptible to snow mold. Furthermore, if fertilizer is applied after cold temperatures have set in, the nutrients will not be absorbed and can leach through the soil.

Finally, the last month of summer gives us all a sense of urgency to hold on to the warmth of the season and go out to savor it.  A final opportunity to be wearing short sleeves and shorts.  A perfect temperature to be comfortable on the golf course.  So, get outside while the season is still here.  At Bucks Run Golf Club, the golf course is in excellent condition, with the greens fast and true. After enjoying your round, stop by the Quarry Grill for a wonderful sunset patio dining experience overlooking Lake Fisher and the golf course. I recommend the dry aged ribeye, and for dessert, bread pudding with bourbon pecan ice cream. Enjoy!


Early morning sunrise from the 18th tee overlooking Lake Fisher


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