Setting Goals for the 2018 Golf Season

The golf season is just getting started here at Bucks Run. As you prepare for an enjoyable season ahead, it can be helpful to set some goals to achieve in 2018 when it comes to your game. Sure, everyone wants to get better, but if you want to see any kind of meaningful improvement, you have to first identify what it is you are yearning to accomplish. Only then can you explore how to achieve it.

Let’s take it step by step.


First, what is it you want to achieve? Whether it’s to increase your average distance and accuracy, or to reduce your handicap by two strokes, you’ve got to get it all down on paper. Or, if you’re more technically inclined, download a digital shot tracking system app for your phone, like Game Golf or 18Birdies. You can easily keep track of your stats throughout the season with these, as well as identify your weaknesses. 

If you’ve already been tracking your stats, great! Now you will have the accurate information you need to make more specific goals such as “Break 80,” “Fewer than 30 putts in a round,” or “Average chip shots within 25 feet of the hole.”

Now that you have the “what,” you can move on to the next step.


The second half of the equation is the follow-through. What good is a list of goals if you’re not going to take steps to achieve them? For achieving fewer than 30 putts a round, for example, you’ll need to tighten up your putting game. Practice putting at least three times a week for 20 minutes at a time. If you’re looking to hone your trajectory and distance, you’ll have to spend a few days a week hitting balls at the range. Whatever your goal is, pair it with an appropriate practice session.

If you’re having a hard time syncing the two up, get help. Take a lesson and get targeted focus from our golf pros.


If you’ve ever set a New Year’s resolution only to let it fall by the wayside by February (who hasn’t?), then you know quite a bit about how quickly commitment to a goal can fade. Solidifying your goals and staying with them will take patience and dedication. It’s a constant work in progress. You probably know how easy it is to lose your touch when you go even two weeks without picking up a club.

Make regular tee times, take lessons, get out on the green and practice. Meet with friends for lunch and a drink at the course. Putting your golf experience front and center all season long will ensure you don’t lose that drive. 


Now that you have your goals set, let’s get golfing! Contact Bucks Run Golf Club to book your tee time and learn more about our services at 989-773-6830.

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