Benefits of Joining a Golf League

Becoming part of a golf league can form the basis for strong friendships and competitive spirits for many years to come. Many people who join a league find that they’re soon part of a family – people they can count on to have their backs not just in the game of golf but in life too. Add to that a sense of community and an enjoyable way to stay fit, and you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe for fun.

Here are a few great reasons to join a golf league this spring.



Whether you’re a young adult, older adult or retiree, golf offers many health benefits to keep you looking and feeling great. Golfing can:
  • Burn more calories than you think: According to the Golf Academy of America, walking 18 holes and carrying your bag can burn between 1,500 and 2,000 calories, depending on the weather and course terrain. Think about it: one round of golf involves walking six or seven miles, with the added weight of your bag giving you even more opportunities for strengthening muscles.
  • Work core muscles.
  • Strengthen your heart.
  • Give you plenty of Vitamin D as you walk around on a sunny day.
  • Keep your mind sharp. Every hole is a puzzle, forcing you to dissect and analyze every move you make. This keeps your mental agility at the top of its game.

  • Camaraderie

    If you’ve been lacking that core group of people you used to be tight with in your early 20s, or if you’re a young adult just starting out and want to form meaningful relationships with people your age, a golf league is the perfect way to connect. Having a group of people you can gather with once a week not only gives you something to look forward to but tightens your common bond – which is a love of golf!

    The Japanese have a word called kenzoku, which translates to “family.” The word illustrates a bond between people who have made a similar commitment and share the same destiny, implying a deep connection of friendship, says Psychology Today. A big part of what brings people together as friends is a common interest. There is nothing quite like the connection that happens when interests diverge and we can find true joy and understanding through interaction on a regular basis.


    Closely related to camaraderie is a sense of community. Your golf league would be nothing without a place to gather. That’s why the golf club you choose is so very important. It should be conveniently located so league members from all over the area can meet up easily. It should have a challenging yet accommodating course with beautiful natural features. It should have state of the art amenities, like an onsite restaurant which is a sight for sore eyes at the end of a long tournament! Here, you can relax and regroup, talk about the latest competition, discuss strategy and reminisce about the good times.

    Contact Bucks Run Golf Club

    Bucks Run is happy to offer a variety of golf leagues, such as:
  • Monday & Tuesday Men's Leagues (hosted, but not run by Bucks Run Staff)
  • Wednesday Night Men's "Beer" League (hosted and run by Bucks Run Staff)
  • Happy Hackers Tuesday Night Ladies League (hosted and run by Bucks Run Staff)
  • Thursday Night Ladies Ta-Ta's League (hosted and run by Bucks Run Staff)

  • To learn more about any of these or to inquire about our seasonal membership benefits, please contact us today at 989-773-6830 or email at We are conveniently located at 1559 S Chippewa Road in Mt. Pleasant, MI so you can easily meet up with friends for league play!
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