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Bucks Run Golf Club Mt. Pleasant MI Masters Tournament Facts

The Masters Tournament has a history rich in tradition. If you make it here, as they say, you can make it anywhere. The Masters is like the Super Bowl of golf, where the best of the best come together on a warm weekend in April to kick-off the start of the PGA Tour Golf Season. It’s a re-birth of sorts. Spring is blooming and everyone is looking ahead to a promising season that brings new titles, new challenges and new achievements.

Let’s take a quick look at the history of it all.

In the early 1930s, after retiring from the game, legend Bobby Jones decided to design and build a golf course. Subsequently, he found land in Augusta, GA that was deemed perfect. It opened in 1933, and the first tournament was held the next year in March of 1934. Originally known as the “Augusta National Invitational” tournament, this would set the stage for more than 80 years of competitive golfing.

In 1939, the name was changed to The Masters Tournament. However, play was suspended when World War II hit, between 1943 and 1945, during which time the property was used for farming in an effort to boost the war effort, according to the Professional Golfers Career College.

In 1949, the first green jacket (now a time-honored tradition) was given to Sam Snead, who won the first of his three Masters Tournaments that year. Up until then, only official Augusta National Club Members were able to don the coveted green jacket. In 1960, the par-3 contest was created, to be played the Wednesday prior to the first round on the newer par-3 course. That year, Sam Snead was the winner.

The 1960s marked the emergence of the Big Three (Arnold Palmer, Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus), which continued into the 1970s. Over two decades, the trio won 11 Masters Tournaments collectively. Player holds the record for the most Masters played, with 52. Palmer won his fourth and last green jacket in 1964. Nicklaus is the record holder with six total Masters Tournament wins. Nicklaus was the oldest player to win a green jacket, at 46, during his last Masters victory.

In 1980, Seve Ballesteros became the first European to ever win the tournament. This sparked a two-decade streak where non-American golfing pros won 11 of 20 Masters Tournaments.

In 1997, Tiger Woods came on the scene, making history as the youngest Masters Champion to play at just 21. He went on to break numerous records, including winning all four of golf’s major championships in a row. Left hander, Phil Mickelson, won his first major at the Masters in 2004.

The 2016 Masters opened with a ceremony starring the Big Three, the last time Palmer would grace the Augusta National.The 2018 Masters will begin on Thursday, April 5 and end on Sunday, April 8. Will you be tuning in to watch history being made?

Interesting Facts

The Masters is filled with interesting tidbits throughout its history. Here are just a few: 

While the green jacket becomes the property of the Masters winner, the champion must return the jacket after one year so it can be stored in a special room at the clubhouse with the other victor’s jackets. If a player wins multiple Masters tournaments, they must use the same green jacket unless it requires re-fitting.
Mike Weir was the first left-handed golfer to win the Masters.
Club founder, Bobby Jones, initially wanted the Augusta National Course to feature a 19th hole – a challenging uphill 90-yard-long hole that was to give golfers a second shot at winning their money back. That plan was eventually scrapped.
The map in the Masters logo is geographically inaccurate, possibly due to the rudimentary printing technology in the 1930s, which was when it was first created. The abstract, free-hand rendition was kept for the sake of tradition.
A lucky thrift shop-goer in Toronto came across a green jacket in 1994, on sale for just five bucks. The Augusta National agreed it was authentic and found it to be from the 1950s. That lucky shopper went on to sell it at auction in 2017 to the tune of $140,000.

It’s just about time to gear up for your run at the Masters! When we open for the season, call Bucks Run to book your tee time or a lesson at 989-773-6830.
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