Exercise Tips to Prepare for the Golf Season

No matter how good your golf swing, no matter how strong your game, you can always lose skill, strength and strategy if you take the winter off. To stay sharp so you can outwit and outplay your opponents come spring, now’s not the time to drop the ball. Here at Bucks Run, we welcome players every spring who are optimistic about getting back on the green but lack that physical ability they had just a season before.

It’s not that you forgot how to play. It’s just that the cold, snowy winter has taken its toll, reducing even the most athletic players into couch potatoes. Here’s how you can stay limber until it’s time to hit the links again and take some outdoor lessons.

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Watch What You Eat

Maintaining your weight throughout the winter is imperative. The average golfer typically puts on five to 10 pounds during the off-season, according to The Huffington Post. This extra weight can prevent your hips from rotating as quickly as they once did, reducing the power of your drive and rendering your swing ineffective. Limit your portions and cut back about 500 calories per day.

Stretch Your Hips

The more flexible you are, the more effective your swing becomes. Stretch your hips once a day. You can do this by lying flat on your back and pulling one of your knees to your chest, keeping the other leg extended. Hold the flexed knee for 30 seconds, then switch. Repeat and do two sets for each leg.

Work the Abs

Place a pillow on the floor. Stand on it using either the right or left leg, keeping the opposite leg raised. Keep that knee even with your waist. Do this until you lose balance, then switch to the other leg. This exercise activates your abdominal region, providing more stability and strength to your core.

Do Push-Ups and Planks

Speaking of core, another great way to achieve a strong center is to do military-style push-ups with a planking twist. Get into the push-up position with legs extended and hands directly under your shoulders. Hold this position for as long as you can, then repeat when you sense your hips starting to sink. Try this for one to three sets.

Exercise With a Purpose

Once done with basic stretching, you may want to address certain areas you feel you are lacking in. Targeting specific areas can help with various elements of your game. Golf Digest recommends these exercises to achieve solid shots with consistency.

Improve Your Back Swing

If you’ve had a long layoff from golf, you may find it challenging to coil properly. Here’s how to achieve a more fluid shot in terms of your back swing.
  • Lie down on your side, bend your knees and rest them on a rolled-up towel. Keep your hands extended and your palms together, then slowly rotate your torso toward the ceiling. Be careful not to rotate past the point where you feel your knees rising or pulling apart. Do eight to 12 rotations, then switch sides.
  • Anchor an elastic exercise band, standing parallel to it, clenching a small physio ball between your knees. Then, rotate your body away from the anchor point with your arms extended. Rather than pull primarily with your arms, use your upper body to rotate and achieve the brunt of the work. Do eight to 12 reps, switch sides and repeat.

  • Build on Your Down Swing

    Months of neglect can cause the pelvic muscles to become ineffective in terms of initiating your down swing. If your lower body can’t turn toward your target before your upper body or the club itself, you’ll suffer from a poor swing path and off-line shots. Try these tips:
    • Put a rolled-up towel between your knees, lying on your back with your arms out and legs raised to a 90-degree angle. Lower your knees to one side without letting go of the towel, until your opposite shoulder starts to rise. Do eight to 12 knee drops, then switch.
    • Stand with your feet together, holding a medicine ball and extended it off your left hip pocket. This exercise will entail simulating your swing. Rotate your upper body to the right, take a quick sidestep to the left, then toss the ball across your body with force. Do eight to 12 reps, then switch sides.

    • Try a Golf Simulator

      It may be too cold and snowy to get on the actual course, but the next best thing is a virtual one! Bucks Run Virtual Golf offers a full-swing, indoor golf simulator highlighted by a 12-foot screen and 16 courses. This year, we’ve upgraded our simulator technology with a new high-speed camera that give you loads of helpful information on your swing. Check out our virtual golf simulator so you can stay on top of your skills despite the weather outside. For more information, just contact us at 989-400-4603 today.

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