Simple Tips for Newly Engaged Couples
Blog Post By: Amy Saunders, Event Coordinator

Newly engaged couples often face many questions from family and friends. Most of the questions you will be asked are going to get repetitive, so it's best to prepare yourself!

“How did he propose?” 

Family and friends are going to want to hear your story. Take time to reminisce about that special moment and prepare your response.

“When’s the Big Day?” 

This question can sometimes put you in an awkward position because it is usually followed by, “Am I invited?” If you haven’t had time to think about your guest list, a simple response such as, “We are still considering dates” or “We are going to keep it relatively small” are noncommittal responses and may help you avoid hurting anyone’s feelings.

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Engagements, a time couples should be celebrating each other, often turns into a whirlwind of wedding planning. Do not get overly focused on the planning and forget about each other.

     1. Make sure to take time to enjoy your engagement. Set aside specific time free of wedding planning so that you do not lose sight of the reason for engagement -- each other.

     2. Do not let yourself feel rushed. If the proposal was unexpected, take time to enjoy the surprise.

Planning can seem overwhelming at first. The following are a few tips that can help you begin the process.

     1. Consider finding a Wedding Planner, so that you don't feel overwhelmed.

     2. Alternatively, consider asking a close relative or friend to help you. Having an extra person committed to helping you make your day special will help alleviate some of the stress that unavoidably comes with planning your wedding.

     3. Stay organized! Have a planner marking specific dates for when you would like aspects of your wedding finalized. This will help you keep on track and not feel as rushed as your wedding day approaches.

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In closing, remember your engagement should be celebrated! Enjoy each other and prepare yourself for the many questions that are bound to come your way. Remember that your engagement is leading up to your wedding day, so don’t feel pressured to take everyone’s advice. Make your day special and unique to you and your significant other. Don’t let all the details stress you out before you begin the actual process of planning your wedding. At Bucks Run Golf Club, we work diligently to help our clients coordinate their wedding to fit their desires and needs. From having your ceremony onsite at our beautiful, championship golf course, to helping you plan your timeline and finalize your menu, we are here for you. Last, but certainly not least, Congratulations!

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