Prepping your Golf Game

Blog Post By: Jon Conklin, Director of Operations & Head Golf Professional

A new golfing season will soon be upon us, which means it's time to start focusing on your golf game. Although there are some people who work on their game in the off-season, most take time away and return in the spring.  If you're one of those individuals, I would like to share some simple tips for helping you get back to playing great golf in no time.


This is certainly not a new concept, but stretching can help right away.  Golf is an athletic sport, and even though we do not need to be in the best physical shape to play, being limber helps.  I suggest stretching every morning before heading off to work. All it takes is adding a couple minutes to your morning routine to get the blood flowing.

Practice At Home

If you ask me, the short game is the most important part of golf.  Think about it for a moment. You hit a maximum of 14 drivers in a round, and if you two-putted each green, that alone is 36 strokes.  Also, don't forget to take into consideration pitching and chipping. I suggest working on putting and chipping indoors while the weather is still not the best for golfing. You can easily practice your putting stroke by using a few golf clubs as a track, or you can also use lines in the carpet, tile or wood floors. Additionally, work on different lengths of the stroke. By working on your basics, such as putting and chipping, you can be set for when the golf season arrives.

Bucks Run Golf Club Mt. Pleasant MI Practice Putting at Home

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