Winter Project Highlights

Blog Post By: Craig McKinley, Grounds Department


Despite the unseasonably warm weather a couple of weeks ago, it is looking like Mother Nature wants to have a couple more weeks of winter. However, golf season is still right around the corner. The Grounds Staff has been busy cleaning up the golf course, and finishing up some winter projects.

This winter, we continued the selective removal of trees on the golf course to help improve our playing surfaces. In a couple locations, large trees were casting too much shade on our putting greens, which is detrimental to the bent grass greens we maintain. Therefore, we decided to have some fun using the resources those trees gave us, by making some useful pieces for our facility. First, we took a couple of the logs to a local sawmill and created two benches for the front entrance to the club house.

 Bucks Run Golf Club Mt. Pleasant MI Log Bench Finished

We have also crafted a few cocktail tables for our open-air veranda.

Bucks Run Golf Club Mt. Pleasant MI Cocktail Table

In addition, we have also done some maintenance on our bridge on the third hole, as well as assessed all of our equipment and course accessories to make sure everything is ready for the upcoming season.


I am very excited to announce a couple new projects we will be taking on now and into the summer. Some of these will be discussed in a future blog post, but they all involve Bucks Run taking steps to be an even better steward to our environment. This winter, we began "vermicomposting" food scraps from our restaurant. Vermicomposting uses composting worms to turn food scraps into useful worm castings, which are a rich, natural fertilizer. These castings will be turned into a worm casting extract and used on the golf course. While the worm populations are growing and we will be adding new boxes, they have recycled 80 pounds of food waste into 30 pounds of worm castings in only two months. A side bonus is that the bedding they live in is comprised of shredded paper that would normally be waste from our facility.

Bucks Run Golf Club Mt. Pleasant MI Vermicompost Bin Bucks Run Golf Club Mt. Pleasant MI Vermicompost

We are excited to continue to tackle these new projects, as they will benefit both our facility and our environment. Check out our future blog posts for additional projects we will be taking on.

With all of that said, the golf course has come through winter looking great. We will continue to prepare for opening day, and we cannot wait to have everyone back out enjoying the golf course and the rest of our facilities. Have a great week!

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