Going Back to Basics

Blog Post By: Jon Conklin, PGA Head Professional & Director of Operations

At Bucks Run, we have a wide-variety of players who inquire about golf lessons and tips to improve their game. Some of these players are repeat students of mine and our Assistant Professionals, while others are looking for that quick fix.

For most of us who play golf, especially those who routinely work on their game, know there is typically no quick fix. Improvements take time and dedication, just like anything we do in life.  However, there are times as an instructor where it seems as though everything clicks and we have a quick fix for a student.  When this happens, I more times than not notice it is something from the setup.    

“Back To Basics”

Typically, when a person (a right-handed player) has their shoulders aimed right, with their feet and hips square to the original target, there is a disconnect when we take the club back. In most cases, I see the student taking the club inside. That's when the mind realizes you’re not in a good position, and to get back to the ball, we do funny things along the way.  Most times, the student will come “over the top” and cut-across the ball causing a slice. 

Sometimes the issue is alignment. We are missing the green consistently on the right side. Well, we are aimed right, as well, so this tends to go hand-in-hand. If we don’t fix this issue, it can lead into manipulating the golf swing, and that is when other problems can arise. 

As a Golf Instructor, I look at the things we can control before we even take the club back. The "basics".

  • Look at your grip; are you neutral, weak, or strong?
  • How does the ball travel? Is it conducive for your grip? 
  • I also ask my students to take a look at their feet, hips, and shoulders. We want to ensure these three entities are aligned and in a parallel line to the ball and target line.

I suggest going back to the basics to help improve your game. Sometimes that quick fix you may seek, can come from the simplest of adjustments. If you have questions or are interested in golf lessons at the course or our indoor golf simulator, please contact the Golf Shop at (989) 773-6830 or visit our website.

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