Tailgating Time!

A Blog Post By: Executive Chef Pete Lieber

It’s football season and tailgating is a favorite pastime of many fans.  So, I thought I would share my favorite tailgating ideas with you. 

My philosophy for food on the go is: simple is best. The simplest items are sausage and bratwurst or the old standby, hot dogs.  All you need is a portable grill, buns, and the toppings of your choice.  

However, to take things up a notch, I like to grill kebabs. These are always a big hit and the possibilities are endless. I like to use beef, chicken, shrimp, and a variety of vegetables.  My go to vegetables include onions, peppers, zucchini, summer squash, and fresh mushrooms.  To enhance the flavors, I baste them with a marinade such as teriyaki, Italian, or BBQ. 

However, when cooking outside, food safety is very important, which is why I always pre-cook any potentially hazardous meats, such as chicken, at home first.  I can still achieve the same presentation and flavors with a quick run over the grill with the vegetables.  This method also keeps the vegetables from overcooking.

So, take your tailgating to the next level by grilling up some shrimp or steak kebabs for your friends and family.  Enjoy the season!

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