Golf your way to Better Health & Well-Being

All too often in daily life, we find ourselves moving so quickly, working hard to maintain our lives and striving towards our dreams; however, when we find a chance to take a deep breath, slow down, and look around us is when we truly see the beauty of the here and now. Golf is a unique opportunity that allows us to do just that, and in doing so, reap the many health benefits of slowing down and enjoying the moment.

Stress Relief

Perhaps most importantly, golf helps to relieve stress. Connecting with nature, socializing, and living in the moment are all known buffers against tension. Golf, typically enjoyed on an outdoor golf course in good weather conditions, allows us to embrace being outside. The attention to detail, precision, and technique that golf demands allow little time to dwell anywhere other than the present moment. When played with family or friends, these already helpful stress-beating benefits increase exponentially.

Bone Strength

Another health benefit golf offers is its capacity to strengthen bones. When exposed to low-impact activity, such as walking, bones become stronger and denser. Therefore, incorporating walking into our lives and routines helps to maintain the integrity of the skeletal structure as we move through life. Adding such small steps into our daily routines can increase vitality and enjoyment of life. The mild nature of golf means they can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Increased Mental Functioning

While golf can protect us from stress and help strengthen our bodies, let's not forget about the potential it has to increase our mental functioning and ability to experience life in a state of flow. In recent years, psychologists have found that people are happiest when they are completely absorbed in the task at hand. Hungarian researcher, Mikhaly Csíkszentmihályi, describes "flow" as being absorbed in an activity for its own sake, so that the ego can recede, making space for time to fly, and for thoughts, actions, and movements to operate in sync and without effort. Who doesn't want to experience life in this heightened state of enjoyment and awareness?

Next time you are having a hard time making time for yourself and slowing down, consider reaching for your clubs and heading out to the golf course!

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