Wedding & Reception Planning Tips

Blog Post By: Alanna Lieber, Banquet Coordinator


Wedding season is booming here at Bucks Run and I would like to take this opportunity to give a few of my personal tips on planning your big day.  Some are “no-brainers,” but simply not considered and cause unnecessary stress. Others are genius, just ask me!


  1. If the ceremony and reception are being held at separate locations, be sure to list a specific time for the guests to arrive at the reception.  This allows your guests the freedom to fill this void by checking into their hotels, stopping for a snack for the kids, or taking a walk through a local park.


  1. Minimize time between the ceremony and reception – especially if they are held at the same location.  The days of a 1:00 ceremony and 6:00 reception are over.  We are now more considerate of our guests who travel near and far to spend this special occasion with us.  One way to keep the time between the ceremony and reception to a minimum is to have most of your separate photos taken before the event.  This enables you to have nearly half of your posed photos taken before the ceremony begins and the groom still gets his first look when the bride walks down the aisle.


  1. Does your budget require you to decide between an hour of the bar package later in the night or hors d’oeuvres for the cocktail hour?  Once again, consider your timeline when deciding which is more important.  If your guests are expected to arrive one hour, or more, before the bridal party arrives, appetizers and drinks are a must.  If this expense puts you over budget, consider altering your timeline so guests wait no more than 30 minutes for you to arrive. 


  1. Here’s the "no brainer": Make sure everyone in the bridal party carries their ID with them.  Nothing is worse than a best man or maid of honor who can’t get a drink from the bar for their toast because they forgot identification. 

  1. Most importantly remember: the only people who know your minute-by-minute plan for the day are your bridal party, your coordinator and your photographer.  Everyone else is along for the ride.  So, if things run a few minutes later than planned, don’t stress, no one even knows.  Just keep smiling and enjoying your day!

Drinks for Guests


Planning your wedding day should be a pleasurable experience for everyone involved.  Use these simple tips and let the fun begin!

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