Divot Replacement at Bucks Run

Blog Post By: Craig McKinley

The long term forecast is finally looking promising for some great Michigan golf. I would like to take this time to go over Bucks Run’s preferred divot replacement, as well as ball mark repair.

As some of you may have noticed, our new fleet of golf carts do not have sand bottles on each cart. There are a few reasons that we have chosen this route. The first being the preservation of our fairway mowers' mowing reels. Improper filling of divots (mounding or not smoothing) results in our mowers cutting into that sand. Therefore, if on our first hole there are a couple of improperly filled divots, it can affect the quality of cut for all of the holes after that.

The other reason for no sand bottles is that a properly replaced divot will heal and be playable well before one that is filled with sand. Southern golf courses that have Bermuda grass ask that you fill the divot with sand, as Bermuda will spread quickly into that divot. Bentgrass, though it does creep, is nowhere near as aggressive. This is the type of grass we have at Bucks Run. Replacing a divot is essentially placing a mature piece of sod back into the ground. That is what we would prefer be done for the health of the golf course and for the playability of those behind you.

One week old sand-filled divot VS a newly replaced divot:


Another way you can greatly help us maintain our course is to properly repair your ball marks on the putting greens. It is not only important to repair them for the golfers behind you, but it helps us keep Poa Annua from growing in our greens. While no courses seed their greens with Poa Annua, the seeds are tracked in from spikes, equipment, and other avenues. The seed can sit in the soil for years, waiting for an opportunity to grow. Un-repaired or improperly repaired ball marks often give Poa the window that it needs to get going. Please watch this short video that the USGA produced on proper ball mark repair techniques. 

We appreciate your assistance in helping us keep the golf course healthy and playing at a high level. 

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