Prepping the Course for Summer

A Blog Post By: Craig McKinley

A picture is worth a thousand words. Spring is here and the turf is starting to green up with the recent rain and warm weather. This time of year, our Grounds Team is busy with work that will prepare the golf course for the stresses of traffic and weather that summer will bring.

Golf course putting greens receive more traffic than any other part of the course -- both mechanically and human. Therefore, to ensure the greens are able to handle the heat, wear, and traffic, we take steps to ensure they are strong going into the summer season. Last week, we gave our greens a little jump-start of fertilizer and “needle tining".  These needle tines are .2 inches in diameter, and after the greens are rolled, it is not noticeable from a putting standpoint. Needle tining allows oxygen into the roots, which allows the roots to achieve more root mass going into summer. Think of it as letting the greens take a deep breath of fresh air. This practice will continue every Monday, along with our topdressing program.

Along with this, we have been busy spraying the rough with our pre-emergent crabgrass treatment. We are commonly asked when the best time is to apply your fertilizer with crabgrass pre-emergent. A great resource for determining this is a website published by Michigan State University, known as By entering your zip code, it will use the growing degree days, which is the measurement of heat accumulation, to predict when plants will reach certain stages of development, to help you schedule your applications.

As always, our Grounds Team will continue to work hard to assure our patrons the highest-quality playing conditions. We look forward to seeing you on the course and please remember to repair your ball marks -- our greens will thank you for it. Have a great week!

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