Tips for Planning the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Blog Post By: Alanna Lieber, Banquet Coordinator & Pete Lieber, Executive Chef

Imagine a day of full sunshine and gorgeous views.  A light breeze to sway hanging fabrics, a temperature of exactly 75 degrees, and laughter on the air.  The reality of an outdoor wedding can sometimes be very different from your “vision”, so we have put together a short list of tips to help you plan a perfect day for your outdoor wedding.


1.   When picking a location, use the bulk of your senses.  Not only what it looks like and how your decorating ideas will fit, but also the sounds you hear in the background.  Is it near a busy highway or airport that would overshadow your vows?  Is there a distinctive smell in the area from flower growth, factory smog or near farm fields that may get sprayed with fertilizer?  How far of a walk is it from parking to the ceremony and then reception site?  Will you need to make special arrangements for those with disabilities?

2.   Have a back-up plan.  Whether it’s a tent over the ceremony site or a building/church that can be used in a pinch, make a plan for rain. Consider using decorations that can be used at either space.  For example: if the guests were originally going to sit on bales of hay, try using them as a backdrop during the ceremony inside the church you’re now in. 

Be sure to consider temperature, as well.  If you’re planning in a cool climate, consider renting free standing heaters.  If you’re planning during the height of summer, consider making your program into hand-held fans for the guests or having small bottles of water available. 

3.   Seating can be done with chairs, bales of hay covered with fabric, wooden logs or even fluffy cushions.  Regardless of your choice of material, curve the rows of seating toward altar from the aisle, making an almost half-circle.  This will give each guest the best view possible.

4.   Keep your decorative items to be tossed biodegradable.  If your flower girl is going to throw petals down the aisle, be sure they are petals from real flowers.  If your guests are given something to toss at the bride and groom as they leave the venue, consider bird seed.  The animals, earth, and clean-up crew will all thank you.

Just a few simple tips to remember while planning will ensure a memorable, stress-free day. Have a great week!

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