A New Season & the Masters

Blog Post By: Jon Conklin, Head PGA Professional & Director of Operations

The New Season

Only in our good ole state of Michigan can we have a colder April than December, thus far.  We opened our doors on March 18th with great enthusiasm and have been battling Mother Nature ever since. 

Some would ask the reasoning behind our early opening date of March 18th  when other courses in the area were still closed.  A large factor in our decision is our new fleet of GPS golf carts for everyone’s enjoyment during their round. These new carts feature touch-screen displays, on-screen GPS, electronic scoring, food & beverage ordering, and more. 

Not only are these carts an added amenity for our golfers, but they also give us the ability to control all of the golf carts from a computer system in the Golf Shop. For example, when the course is excessively wet due to rainy conditions, it would only takes a few bad-eggs to drive where he/she should not and make the conditions poor for quite some time during the recovery process. However, on days when it has been rainy and we are cart part only, we can program the cart to shut down if you venture off the path. The cart will power on again once placed in reverse and driven back onto the cart path. Overall, this  technology gives us the ability to keep our course conditions in exceptional shape for the foreseeable future, which we are very excited about. 

The Masters

Along with the excitement of getting back on the golf course, comes, in my opinion, the best golf tournament of the year. The Masters!  This year’s event kicked-off on Monday, April 4th with practice rounds.  Wednesday was the iconic, Par 3 competition, with a record-setting collection of nine hole-in-ones. You can check out a compilation video of the series of hole-in-one shots on our  Bucks Run Twitter Page (@bucksrungc). The tournament itself then took place on Thursday-Sunday. 

Last year, a young Jordan Speith pulled through with the victory, but he wasn't so lucky this year. He started the tournament strong, but a series of unforgivable mistakes cost him the green jacket. This paved the way for Danny Willet to claim the tournament victory. It was certainly one heck of a tournament and I hope you were able to enjoy watching and following it over the past few days as I have.

Have a great week!

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