Winter Review & Spring Updates

Blog Post By: Craig McKinley, Course Superintendent

Although the recent temps don't show it, spring has arrived here at Bucks Run! While this winter was mild, it was not without its worries. Around the first of the year, we had a freezing-rain event on top of our snow cover. This created a sheet of ice 2-3 inches thick in spots, which covered most of the playable turf on the golf course. This photo was taken from our first green back on January 28th.

Bucks Run Golf Club Mt Pleasant MI ice

The worry with ice sitting over the top of turf is its potential to suffocate the plant. During winter, there is still microbial activity and gases that are produced. Under ice, there is no place for those gases to go. This buildup of gases is how ice has damaged several courses in Southern Michigan in years past. Some turf is much less resilient under these conditions, mainly Poa Annua. 

Thankfully, we invested a lot of time and effort into managing our golf course to promote the Bentgrass that was originally seeded.  With the early warm up, a solid stand of Bentgrass, and selective tree removal, which allows more sun to help melt that ice, our greens came out of winter in great shape. As of the end of March, the greens have been rolled three times and cut for our guest's early season enjoyment.

Regular Spring clean-up will continue for the next few weeks, while we continue to hit high-gear for the golf season. 

This spring, we will also be remodeling our entrance off of Chippewa road. If you visited our superb Quarry Grill Restaurant this winter, you may have noticed the removal of the evergreens at the front entrance. By removing these trees, our unique, logo boulder is again the focal point of the entrance. During the remodel, we will also remove plant material and add an arrangement of flowers and ornamental grasses. Our rock will also be detailed with Muriatic Acid, which will really make the logo "pop".



I hope everyone had a great winter, and we are excited to see you on the golf course soon!

- Craig McKinley

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