Monitoring the Chippewa River

The Chippewa River winds through the course, providing some dramatic and enjoyable views. We monitor the height and ice coverage throughout the winter to prepare for what may lie ahead in the spring. With a fall and early winter that saw high amounts of precipitation, the river was much higher than usual going into January. The week of January 12th, the river was at or near bank-full along #17. 

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Tree Work & Safety

As the winter rolls along, tree work on the course continues. We were fortunate to have minimal snow in December, which allowed us to move about the course easily and clean up after each tree was cut down. This winter’s focus is once again the removal of dead or dying Ash trees and removal of trees surrounding some greens, to allow more light to the putting surface.

The Ash trees, for the most part, will be extinct on.

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Introducing Bill - Winter Maintenance

Welcome back everyone! Today, I would like to take a few moments to introduce to you our Equipment Manager, Bill. He is one of our busiest people on staff in the winter, as he plays a vital role in the maintenance of all the equipment we use around the course. His duty is to inspect every piece of equipment before the arrival of spring, make any needed repairs, and also perform routine maintenance where necessary.  Generally, this will include sharpening blades.

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2014 Tee Renovations - Part II

Hello everyone -- I hope the New Year is treating you well, so far! As mentioned in last week's blog post, we embarked upon some pretty aggressive tee renovations in November 2014. As a recap, the goal was to leave our core tee distances unchanged but to lengthen the championship tees on the back 9 to compare with the front 9.  In Part II of my Blog Post regarding tee renovations, I review the renovations made to the 15, 16, and 17 tees.

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