The Fisher Companies began as a single company operation in 1925, within the city limits of Midland, Michigan. This single operation originally started as a small ready mix concrete supplier and sand and gravel operation, which provided materials to road and underground contracting services in the Mid-Michigan area. The company was housed at a gravel pit near Freeland, Michigan, leased by Ralph Fisher.

After World War II, Ralph’s sons took over the business, and saw opportunities in many other product and service lines. Throughout many changes in the 1940’s, the Fisher Companies weathered many changes, but continued to grow steadily. In 1947, a triangle of land was purchased from the Dow Chemical Company, and has since been the permanent home of Fisher Sand and Gravel.

With a proactive view of what was going on in the gravel industry, Ralph Fisher decided that if he didn’t get into the concrete business, someone else would – and they would take over the gravel industry. It only seemed natural and logical to Ralph that people in the sand and gravel business should also be in the concrete business. Therefore, out of necessity, the business gradually expanded to include concrete services. By the 1950′s the ready mix concrete and the heavy and civil contracting segments of the business had grown so large that separate companies were started. In 1955, Central Concrete Products was founded, with Bud Fisher serving as the president, and soon followed Fisher Contracting in 1957, led by A.J. (Bill) Fisher.

To round-off the complementary suite of products and services, Fisher Companies established their own transportation services company in 1970, known as Fisher Transportation; thus, offering customers a complete solution – from product to delivery with all other Fisher Operations. Fisher Transportation quickly grew to provide services outside the Fisher operations, and now serves a diverse base of customers.

During the 1980′s, an asphalt division and aggregates division were also created; again to complement the already existing divisions. Joining the Fisher Companies in 1983, Bay Aggregate boasts prime location on the Saginaw River and is a prime producer of a multitude of aggregate products. Central Asphalt brings a full-service asphalt production and paving company to the table, handling any job from a highway to a residential driveway.

The most recent addition to the Fisher Companies is a championship golf course. Bucks Run Golf Club, of Mt. Pleasant, MI, opened for business in July of 2000. The course was created in what used to be an old mining operation for the company. Those operations halted in the 1990's - leaving the site undisturbed for almost a decade.

Architect Jerry Matthews, who has designed numerous other golf courses in Michigan, designed the course. The largest lake, Lake Fisher, was once the main quarry for the mining operation and is now surrounded by two holes on the front nine and three holes on the back nine. The course also features 1.5 miles of Chippewa River frontage, coming into play on seven holes, and two other smaller lakes that come into play on three holes.