Bucks Run Golf Club utilizes Dynamic Pricing. The rates listed on our Rates Page will serve as the Base Rates for the 2021 season, and can fluctuate based on demand. 

What is Dynamic Pricing?
Dynamic Pricing in the golf-industry is a pricing model in which tee time rates fluctuate based on demand for a specific day. You've likely seen this pricing model when shopping for concert or airline tickets, or likely even at other golf courses. At Bucks Run Golf Club, we price our tee times similarly, with rates fluctuating based on demand. 

How are Rates Determined?
At Bucks Run, a rate will be set weeks in advance and can slowly fluctuate as the tee sheet fills or remains open. A combination of real-time data will be utilized, such as the time, date and business levels to determine rates for a specific tee time. 

How can I Guarantee Myself the Best Price?
If you're the type of golfer who has flexibility in your schedule, playing on a day or during a time when demand is low can help you capture the best deal. You can also reserve your tee time several days/weeks in advance, before the tee sheet begins to fill. Once you book a tee time, your rate is locked and cannot increase based on business-levels. If you have questions about days or times when demand is high, please call the Golf Shop and we'll be happy to provide you some options. 

What if I am a Member?
If you are a Member at Bucks Run, your rate will be locked-in as it is listed in your Membership Agreement with Bucks Run, and will not change based on Dynamic Pricing. This includes Reduced Rate Policies for guests, as well. 

Can the Price Fluctuate if I have Booked a Stay & Play Package through Bucks Run?
No, it cannot. As soon as your Stay & Play Package is booked, your rate is locked.

Do you have other questions?
Give us a call at the Golf Shop and we will be happy to discuss your questions with you - (989) 773-6830